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New Model T Rims

Made to Ford's specifications for wood fellows

Rims are constructed of rolled 10 Gage 1018 Steel (no sharp
edges to cut the tire bead)

Ask your wheel shop about McLaren rims on your new
wood wheels

The only rims Ford Motor Company will use in the 21st Century!


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*indicates rim is zinc plated
Rims in Stock

30" x 3"

30" x 3.5"

28" x 3"

*30" x 3.5"




4 Lug.





*21" Split Rim


*23" TT Split Rim


23" Steel Felloe


21" Steel Felloe


Plus UPS shipping and handling

   25% deposit is required upon order

Rim shown with a section of tire

Approximately 100,000 rims similar to the 2845B were used on the first wheels manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and replacement of these rims can be taken care of by using the 2845B Hayes or Ford Rim.

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